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Tower Of Hope International Ministries

About Tower Of Hope International Ministries

Our  Vision

We envision a world where women, youth and our communities have folks that know their worth, are economically independent, healthy and mentally balanced.

Our  Mission

To empower women, youth and our communities with the tools to improve their economic well being, mental health and personal esteem awareness

About Us

Since 2018, After being crowned Miss New Jersey Earth 2018-2019, Ashlei Watson has been doing work as a beauty queen to empower her community. Between 2018 to 2020 all her work was informal but in 2021 she formerly registered her foundation in Uganda to help her carry out her work as Miss Global Uganda 2021. This was inspired by the fact that, as a black American woman, she wanted to celebrate her African heritage. She chose Uganda as her adopted country of Heritage to stem her work to touch lives around the African continent, USA and the globe at large. The foundation works to empower women and youth economically, Mental health advocacy, helping the needy, Addressing period poverty, and fighting bullying. The foundation achieves its impact using mentorship, poetry, motivational talks, inspirational trainings, Biblical Faith and personal financial material help, Anti bullying campaigns, cyber bullying, school bullying and workplace bullying campaigns plus

educating young women on how to take care of themselves, through teaching self love , learning how to take care of the mind, body and soul.

Our team believes in going back to the old school way of learning , in the foundation we teach young girls how to care for their bodies , body Imaging ( it's ok not to fit mode of society’s concept on how one should look ) . How to sew, cook and personal hygiene. Empower the Brain by collectively reading books once a month ( Our American girls as well as our African family ) . We started off with women / girls because of Uganda / Africa and needs of these country , we are working to expand and branch off into male illiteracy and much more . We work to broaden the mindset of girls to allow them to soar in any and many areas of there lives that give them joy , breaking the mode of societies standards , pushing limitation and rising.

Our Objectives

Our activities are governed by our objectives.

Women Empowerment

To empower women and youth economically

Mental Health Advocacy

To Advocate for mental health issues.

Stop Bullying

To stop all manner of bullying.

Drunken Driving Campaigns

To campaign against text and drunken driving


To increase literacy levels by encouraging reading and poetry

Poverty Eradication

To help with the campaign to eradicate period poverty.

Encourage Self Love

To stop body shaming and encourage self love

Material Assistance

To support the needy with financial material assistance in times of need like homelessness and lack of basic home necessities

Environmental Protection

To advocate and promote environmental protection

Suicide Prevention

To prevent suicide in the community

Our Team


Ashlei Watson

Founder/Executive Director

915A Carmens Road
#242 Massapequa NY 11758, USA


Denise Jenkins

Co-Founder/Managing Director

915A Carmens Road
#242 Massapequa NY 11758, USA


Remmy Male

Director Operations and Strategy

+256 701 339 327


James Kanyesigye

Director Marketing & Public Relations

+256 702 221 456
+256 785 458 959

Note From The Founder

We are big on learning how to love one’self since as the founder, I was a child who grew up with bullying/ self doubts / lioness then learned to love myself through my talents and surrounding myself with knowledge ( no one can take your knowledge away ) I learned to control what I could and pray my way through what I couldn't. My source was my spiritual principal and strong foundation of affirmation . I believe that we can do all things through Christ who strengthens us , we are more than conquerors , we are strong / powerful / loved ( just to name a few of the affirmations). I believe that , one beauty Queen can make a world of a difference and change and shift the thinking of others to push against the odds . And one such queen is me, Ashlei the Earth Queen ( saving and preserving our planet ) Miss Global Uganda Queen empowering women to push passed their limits , finding solutions and building empires , an essential worker educating and helping mind / body / soul , a poet who allows her imagination to soar , word to be heard , stress to be relieved , a makeup artist who uses her face as canvas to feel pretty ,to feel feminine, a sister who believes in women , believes that, reach one teach one ,show one , help many .
I am Melanin at its best

Ashlei Watson
Founder/Executive Director


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Plot 366, Old Kira Road, Kamwokya,Kampala Uganda

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